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How Much Does RCM Desktop Cost?

Starting at £600


You are welcome to try  RCM Desktop  online (launched from your browser) free of charge for up to 10 hours (which can be split over many sessions and many days).

All of  RCM Desktop's  features are available in the trial version (which is Single-User only).

There is one minor limitation: you cannot import  RCM  analyses into the trial database that were exported from another  RCM Desktop  database.

Each time you launch the trial,  RCM Desktop  asks you which of the four Editions you would like to try. This gives you the opportunity to see exactly how the Edition you are considering will behave so you can verify if it is the right one for your needs.

All we ask is that you supply us with some brief contact details so we can send you a user name and password for the online trial.

Click here to register for an online trial.