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''...the best RCM software we could find...''

How Much Does RCM Desktop Cost?

Starting at £600

Written by  RCM  facilitators for  RCM  facilitators,  RCM Desktop  includes a large number of time-saving and ease-of-use features that significantly enhance facilitator productivity and enable efficient live data entry during  RCM  review meetings.

The overall purpose of the  RCM Desktop  software package is:

''To enable the RCM Facilitator to manage all aspects of an RCM Analysis (using any RCM Task Selection Logic) and to document it live during analysis group meetings, eliminating the need for traditional flip charts.''

In order to help achieve the above, the software stores the following information:

1. The bare minimum required to conduct a basic  RCM  Analysis, as follows:

2. Additional information required for more advanced  RCM  Analysis and to support other functions, as follows: