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How Much Does RCM Desktop Cost?

Starting at £600


The network version of  RCM Desktop  allows a number of simultaneous users to access the  RCM  database at the same time. The number of users is usually a multiple of 5 but this can be altered to suit your requirements.

As with the Single-User version, the end user installs  RCM Desktop  on their PC. In fact, it can be installed on as many PCs as you wish (but only the licensed number of users will be permitted simultaneous access).

Your IT Department must designate a server onto which they will install the database server software (called Mimer SQL 9.2) and set it up to communicate with the end users' PCs.

They must also set aside a network-based location for the RCM database files which is accessible to the database server and the end users' PCs. An empty  RCM  database is copied to this location ready for population by the  RCM  facilitator(s).

You need to advise us of the location of the  RCM  database prior to purchasing the network version because this information (along with the number of permitted users) is written into your licence file.

PCs which have a network licence will only be able to connect to the networked  RCM  database for which they are licensed. So, a network licence is not suitable for a laptop which will be used by a travelling facilitator.